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Message from President Hongjun Lv

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The greatness of a university lies in its broad-mindedness, its virtue, its integrity, its conviction, and its enterprise. The soul of a university consists in its scholarship which is boundless and profound, in its erudite scholars who are well versed in world culture both of the past and the present.

A university is a history, kept in the mind of its people. A university is a culture, transformed into an illustrious chapter of its contribution to social civilization and progress. A university is a pursuit to manifest the confidence and perseverance of the educators’ unremitting efforts in the long, rugged and uneven development. It is with such educational believes and philosophies that we have once and again braved challenges, withstood trials and tribulations, and accomplished surprising development.

With the fundamental principles of serving and catering to the people in mind, we have been striving for an advanced application-oriented undergraduate university to better assist our students to be upright, learned and successful, and dedicating ourselves to the fulfillment of a university’s responsibility and mission in the course of promoting social civilization and progress.

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