LUIBE At A Glance

LUIBE At A Glance

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Liaoning University of International Business and Economics, or LUIBE, is a private undergraduate university authorized in 2005 by the China Ministry of Educationserving to cultivate high-quality and practical talents of foreign business.

It is located in the Development Zone in Lvshun, Dalian. The campus covers an area of 653,000 square meters and a total floor space of more than 300,000 square meters with a total enrollment of 11,802 full-time students on campus. The university has a collection of more than 1.32 million volumes of books in its library and 75 laboratories of various kinds. The campus network covers 11,000 Access Points (APs).

LUIBE has a number of prestigious specialties in economics together with other subjects such as literature, management and arts. LUIBE has 5 schools, containing 13 departments, offering 20 undergraduate programs and recruiting full-time undergraduate students from  30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in China.

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